About Us




Since Cleon Design’s 2004 launch we have been dedicated to providing the epitome of style and quality in our range of handbags, wallets, belts, men’s bags and travel bags. Cleon Design takes pride in announcing we produce and design all our styles at our main office in Sydney, Australia, making us one of the last to do so. We have a manufacturing production site to rival any producer of leathergoods worldwide.

We carefully design and create each individual style at our head office in Sydney and also provide individual attention to each creation with our time and perseverance to ensure that each stitch is perfect quality.

Cleon Design comprises of a team of dedicated and highly experienced artisans. Many beginning their journey in Europe where they found inspiration and education for creating and designing luxury handbags and accessories. In Sydney they continue to build on their wealth of experience and ability to provide customer satisfaction for handmade pieces. With our team brimming with extensive experience, it has set out to produce an influential fashion lifestyle label. We gain ever increasing motivation by providing exclusive and innovative pieces unparallel to other lifestyle brands.

Cleon Design was created out of a desire to produce glamorous yet affordable luxury accessories. We are a subtle expression of creativity with styles appealing to elegant yet chic women across the globe.

Our passion is to create elegant pieces with emphasis on excellence of quality. As time goes by our styles remain eternally panache and the love for your exclusive piece continues to flourish into an irresistible love affair …

Cleon Design has also produced luxury accessories for some of Australia’s top fashion designers.

We truly hope you enjoy your Cleon Design exclusive product as much as we have enjoyed providing it to you….